Jane’s food is an expression of her experiences. As the executive chef on the world’s largest private sailing yacht, Jane spent years traveling the world and bringing the essence of the local cuisine from each stop aboard to serve an array of celebrity guests. Jane would be dropped ashore with some local money and a radio to be able to contact the boat. From there she’d borrow a bicycle, rent a scooter or take a taxi and make her way around with the goal of meeting anyone involved in food which was always very much dependent on the country/ area she was in. There was usually a couple of weeks before the guests arrived, so there was plenty of time to immerse her-self in the area, from urban places like Singapore and Norway, to the most remote islands, she just had to make it work. Some of the places were so rural, that she’d have to deal with local government to work on quarantine regulations so she we could bring things in along with supporting local food people. Her job was to take the food of the country that she was in and make it every day food that her guests wouldn’t tire of, but that would feel special.


Taking food discovery and preparation out of the studio and into incredible locations all over the world. A fresh take on food and travel. The food will always be unique because of the place we’re in and where we’re cooking/ making it.  Down to earth food talk and people talk. with energy and genuine passion.  All the countries/ places visited will be unique in their colors, vide, people, experiences, but the feel of the show remains the same and the food is linked by simplicity, lack of pretension, and lack of need for special equipment


Jane arrives in country and establishes where they are and how they got there. The viewer joins her as she takes in her new surroundings and tries to get situated – figuring out the currency, language, transportation, and so on, but most importantly finding a place to eat. Jane can relate to anyone through food so as soon as she finds where people are congregating to cook and eat, she begins to make friends and get a real sense of the place.


Once she’s spent some time exploring the local food scene, Jane borrows a market stand, out-door grill, home kitchen, or employs a makeshift travel stove to demonstrate her interpretation of a simple local dish. The objective is to create something on the fly that is authentic to the regional cuisine but also accessible to the viewer. If all goes well, her food will get the approval of the people she’s connected with, give her a chance to speak to some of them about their lives, and perhaps arrange an interesting activity for later (dinner at someone’s home, exploring the local nightlife, etc)


Jane makes her way to a second location in the country she’s visiting to capture the different landscapes (perhaps she arrived in the bustling capital city and is now heading to a rural village or she came ashore in a small finishing town and is now off to the wine country). The journey is captured in such a way that the viewer is riding along, following Jane deeper into this foreign place and experience until they are totally immersed. She meets lots of interesting people and eat all kinds of food.


The final destination provides a unique backdrop where Jane can prepare a complete meal that incorporates all that she’s learned over the course of the episode. In contrast to the earlier improvisational public cooking demonstration, this food preparation is time for Jane to recap and reflect as if in conversation with the viewer recounting all that they’ve been through together. The methods and ingredients are souvenirs from the journey. This culminating meal will fit the tone of her experience in the country, whether that means cooking for herself, the crew, new friends they’ve met along the way, or a local celebrity. For Jane, the meal is a snapshot of this adventure in that it captures the way these people and this place have forever impacted the way she cooks and the way she sees the world.



Jane lands in CLOVELLY, DEVON, a small fishing town in South West England. First fishing and shellfish foraging, cooking on the harbor wall of the small village. then traveling deeper into the country in a VW Camper Van. Stopping along the way for traditional English pub food, spending time with some odd country people, making her way to YORKSHIRE, to forage for mushrooms and greens. She cooks dinner at a local B&B.


Jane lands in the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, exploring a great open air market, a fish Market. Seals sit at the foot of fisherman like dogs begging and pelicans try and steal the fish. She makes a great meal in the presence of iguanas, crabs, pelicans, seals. Jane takes ferries and boats to QUITO, MAINLAND ECUADOR, old streets with Spanish food places. She cooks ceviche for the crew.


Jane lands in ATHENS among iconic monuments, cafes, and Athens’ central market. She preps food at the Acropolis at sunset before heading to the tiny island of PAXOS, CORFU. In the rural countryside of olive groves and blue seas she cooks for a well respected local family.