Have you ever come across a scent that brought you back to a very specific moment in time? Seen a spice that reminded you of an individual from your past? Tasted a flavor that reminded you of your childhood? Each ingredient tells a story, giving unique insight into the place and time of its origin. Jane has a deep respect for her ingredients, and is often heard saying “God is the best chef.”


Taking a cooking show and making it into a cinematic documentary by using sensory experiences and ingredient origins as gateways to the stories of Jane’s past. Each specific ingredient will transport us to flashbacks of where Jane discovered it. Whether it be a grain from a field in the countryside, a beer from the local bar, or the beef from a family farm. Giving the audience an intimate look into the chef’s creative process. What’s going through her mind? Why is she making her decisions while cooking? Instead of teaching you how to cook one dish, it will teach the art of cooking and the thought processes behind each decision, all supported by experiences from the past. 


Jane has already prepared her tools and ingredients in front of a unique cinematic backdrop. Whether it being the mountains of South Africa, overlooking the skyline of Hong Kong, or the back of a boat off the coast of Croatia.


We see a close-up of Jane picking up a grain. She feels the texture between her fingers and suddenly we are transported to the time and place that grain was harvested. We see her with the people who’ve worked those fields their whole lives. We see wide shots of the countryside as she learns the history of the ingredient and the importance of it to the community of that place. Once we’ve learned and become familiar with the food, we are suddenly transported back to Jane, where we left her. She throws the grain into her dish and continues to cook.


Jane picks up a local beer. We see an extreme close-up of her popping the bottle open and suddenly we cut to a bottle being open at a neighborhood bar in the middle of a foreign city. The bartender slides the beer over to Jane as she is in the middle of a conversation with a local brewer she just met. The beer is his signature lager. He takes her to the brewery where she learns the ins and out of the beer’s ingredients and what makes it unique from other beers around the world. This will give her insight on how to incorporate it in her dish. We see the liquid being poured into the bottle and suddenly cut back to Jane in the middle of her cooking as she pours the beer into her dish.


Jane opens a paper package revealing a large fish. She picks it up and throws it on the cutting board. As the fish hits the wood, we are transported to a fishing boat at dawn. Jane is with a group of local fisherman in the middle of their everyday line of work. The fisherman show her the type of fish they normally catch and sell. They teach her their unique tactics, where and when to make the biggest catch and explain the dangers of their line of work. With the help of the fisherman, Jane makes her first catch. The fish gets throw on the deck and we are transported back to the fish on the cutting board.


Jane finishes cooking her meal. Because of the understanding we now have of the ingredients and their background we now know why she uses the materials in that specific way. Now when we look at the final dish, we see its not just a meal but as a composition of experiences and cultures from around the country.



A hut overlooking the mountains. Flashback #1: The farm where they raised the beef and where they butchered the cow. Flashback #2: Jane meets a man who brews beer in his home, which locals deem as their favorite. Flashback #3: A beautiful corn field at sunset where she meets a family who’ve owned the farm for generations.


A grill on the Rooftop in the middle of the city. Flashback #1: The fisherman catching the fish far off the coast of Japan. Flashback #2: A rice farmer out in the country side. Flashback #3: The Knife she uses is a traditional Japanese knife in which she sees the process of making it.


A table in the middle of the desert. Flashback #1: A traditional tortilla maker in a small suburb of Mexico City. Flashback #2: A local helps her find a unique cactus to the region which turns out to be a very tasty ingredient. Flashback #3: A new tequila distillery that uses a unique way of making tequila.